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 Chocologie Lovers Commments

"The artistry and thoughtful care with which these chocolates are made is evident in both appearance and taste.

A delight to the senses!"

Jennifer S, Rimrock, AZ

"Rachel makes the most wonderful and unique chocolates. I love her chocolates almost as much as I love her!"
Chilali V, St Paul MN

"The Mint Almond Truffle sent me to heaven - Extraordinary!"

Elisa C,  Sedona AZ

"Ah! The divinity overflowing from each bite, the delicate aromas entwined with authentic heart space. The craftswoman is a master - Her work is a pleasure to enjoy."

Nicole W, Syracuse, NY

"Rachel is an amazing creator of chocolate that is delicious, made with love and healthier ingredients. The truffles simply melt in your mouth and leave you in a state of absolute bliss. Great as gifts or as a treat for yourself  :)"
Crystal V, Mesa AZ

"Creative, delicious and they provide health benefits. Who could ask for more?"

Taylor W, Gilbert AZ

"Best chocolate I have had in many years. I consider myself a connoisseur since I am a woman after all. Keep up the excellent quality work you do with such love and skill. Much appreciated!"
Brenda M, B.C. Canada

"These delightfully unique chocolates are not only handcrafted with organic ingredients and thoughtful planning, they are actually great for your heart! Every time I eat them, they make my heart happy!!"

Shawn R, Bear Rocks, PA

"Years of dedicated chocolate love have manifested into divine creations. Pure simple ingredients, pure love, pure deliciousness."

Emma M, Dominica

"A Chocologie chocolate is a truly superb bite-sized delicacy, which is healthy and nutritious!

Jasmine B, Tempe AZ

"I love the truffles! My favourites are the orange cardamon, Lavender, and Thai Lovebomb. Sweet, but not too sweet, they melt in your mouth, releasing their warm essences on your tongue. A marvellous treat to savour alone, or share with a friend."

Erinn H, Tempe AZ

"Rachel is an alchemist. Pouring heart into her gourmet chocolate creations, she infuses intuitively inspired natural flavor combinations into hand crafted chocolates with a tangible dose of love. Absolutely, delicious joy!"

Rebecca DS, Woodland Hills, CA

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