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Let food be your medicine

Cacao & Me



Chocologie was founded through a desire to create the ultimate sensory experience to boost health and enhance well-being.

I am a professional musician with a great love of all things chocolatey! Having a keen interest in maintaining my health and vitality at its optimum, I discovered what true nutrition means, and cut out all processed food, dairy and gluten, and intake of refined sugars. With all of the poor quality health-damaging products on the market, I desired to create healthy treat alternatives, so after many experiments, I started getting serious in my kitchen with the really good stuff – organic raw cacao powder, raw cacao butter and raw honey, or maple syrup.  Mmmm...


With my musical ways, I discovered that singing to the chocolate while it was being hand tempered (mixed) and loved, created subtle differences in the taste, in a really good way. I sing ‘channeled’ tones, and also whisper words like ‘beautiful’, ‘shiny’, ‘delicious’, ‘healthy’, ‘happy’ which I feel  can be tasted as love and good intentions in each bite. This chocolate is transformed through each stage, tempered 4-6 times before setting.

For the unique flavors, I source high quality food grade essential oils and super-food supplements.

The Last Supper in signature flavour chocolate - 'Divine Trinity' - Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Taste the Difference


Chocologie organic raw artisan creations are made with great joy and love!


You don’t need to have a restricted-diet to enjoy these hand-made gourmet chocolates, created in small batches with the purest and simplest ingredients. The chocolates are naturally free from wheat, soy, corn, dairy, nuts, fillers, preservatives or anything artificial, and so full of deliciously good nutrition that they may even give you a natural high!


Earth friendly packaging is compostable/ bio-degradable, and made from vegetable cellulose film.

The chocolates have three basic ingredients- certified organic raw cacao butter and certified organic raw cacao powder (from Equador, Dominican Republic or Peru) with raw locally sourced desert wildflower honey, or organic maple syrup.

The truffles are made with certified organic raw virgin coconut oil,  certified organic raw cacao powder, locally sourced raw honey, or organic maple syrup, with three of the flavors using organic valencia peanut butter and the rest of the flavors using raw almond butter.

These delicious nutritious treats are highlighted with food grade essential oils, carefully sourced herbs and super-foods tailored to your needs.

Hand made, musically sung to, and tempered with joyful loving intention, without any excessive heat processing, leaving all the raw nutrients in tact, so you can benefit from the multitude of trace minerals.



Simplicity (plain),

Orange Nutmeg, 


Spice Kick, (cayenne)


Tree Mend Us (lemon pine)

Divine Trinity (gold, frankincense, myrrh)

Limited edition new chocolates and truffles invented spontaneously - please inquire for latest creations

Chocolate Truffles:

Orange Cardamon,

Salt Caramel





Rach's Peace,*

Thai Lovebomb*


Blonde Truffles:

Maca Crunch Meltie,

Ponderosa Fairy,


Lemon Calm*


Most truffles are maple sweetened, and almond base except * are peanut

Nourish Your Soul
“Food of the Gods - Made for us mortals to taste pleasure!” 


And there's more...

Gluten -Free Baking and vegan options

Rachel also enjoys making healthy gluten-free organic cakes, cookies and bars sweetened with local honey, offering vegan options using either maple syrup, stevia or fruit as alternative sweeteners, and flax meal to replace eggs in all recipe styles. She has perfected her recipes, and bakes from scratch all fresh for you.

Made in her home kitchen in Tempe.  

Please get in touch for pricing and availability

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